– Just a quick update today as we’re super busy just like the rest of your getting ready for the season.

– Last call for Sponsors!!! We want to get our series sponsors lined up for the season so we can get the series t-shirts printed up before Jackson Park. If you’d like to be a series sponsor, please contact us ASAP. We can still accept sponsor after 8/31/12, but your logo(s) will not make it on the t-shirts and flyers.

– This weekend Chicago CX season unofficially kicks off at xXx Racing‘s CX Relay. This is a great event to ease into the CX season, or just CX in general if you’ve never raced or experienced a CX event before. Look for fast racing, lots of friendly smiles from people you haven’t seen since December, likely a little shenanigans, and loads of fun. Pre-reg closes Wednesday night (that means pre-reg now before you forget/miss it) and check back on Thursday for a full Course Preview.

– And finally… we’d like to remind everyone (one last time) that as unsanctioned, uninsured, unofficial CX practices start up around the city and suburbs, please be kind and courteous to any and all park users you may encounter (come to think of it that’s a good rule to always live by). All it takes is one angry non-CX, non-cycling friendly person to complain to a high ranking government official and all of the CCC races in the area could lose their park permits… thereby shutting down the entire series… and no one wants that. So keep it safe and fun… for everyone.