– Gihugimous thanks to North Central Cyclery and Half Acre Cycling for putting on another great race at Hopkins Park. From what we saw on Sunday and all the pix flooding in it looks like everyone had a lot of fun negotiation the flyover, although it seems barriers are still giving some people a bit of trouble! Congratulations to everyone who raced but especially The Pony Shop for taking the lead in the Team Competition and Rodrigo Aviles who won the Sister Sprocket Flying Pig Award. Congrats also to Mia Moore (xXx Racing) and Chase Negley (Iron Cycles) who won the Mad Alchemy First Lap Hot Legs Sprints. Don’t worry though all you Cat 4’s, both of these riders have already applied for and were granted their Cat 3 upgrades.

– It only makes sense that Half Acre was handing out tall boys of their sponsor’s brews, which is great in Dekalb, but please remember that not all of the parks that host CCC events (including upcoming Dan Ryan Woods & Carpentersville) are as hops and barley friendly. We don’t think anyone wants to jeopardize our ability to hold CCC races at these parks in the future, so please mind your P’s, Q’s, and Natty Lite. Just use your good judgement… which means don’t roll up to the start line with a beer can in your water bottle cage. Let’s keep it a little more classy than that.

– Next up, Beverly Bike-Vee Pak with support from Psimet Custom Wheels host Elvis Cross in the Dan Ryan Woods. Yes, the hill will still be there. Look for the race preview on Thursday.

– The 2010 CCC Series t-shirts are now up and ready for sale on the REKLAIM Apparel website. Choose either mail delivery or you can pick your shirt(s) up at an upcoming race. REKLAIM is donating 100% of all profits to our series long WBR fundraising drive. So buy 1 or buy 20… all the money goes to a great cause!

– We’ve been getting a bunch of comments about pulling riders this year. So to clarify… the 80% rule was introduced this year merely as a way to officially enforce rule 5G1 (see page 140) that has been in existence for a long time but not necessarily enforced, especially in CCC races. Our USAC officials have agreed that if fields are manageable they will let the riders finish or ride as long as possible. However with fields nearing or at capacity across the board this year our USAC officials will likely be enforcing the rule at most races due to the larger field sizes, and at the end of the day whether or not to enforce the rule is ultimately the officials’ decision. We do not enforce the rule in the Cat 4B’s and Women 4/Juniors fields because we want these riders to all to have the “full CX experience”.  The lead Cat 4A’s rarely lap the last riders in that field, but the the officials may start pulling riders in the 4A’s if needed. As far as the Masters races are concerned, in a nutshell… they are based on age. If riders want to race with others more their skill/fitness level they should race in the Cat 3’s or Cat 4’s, which is why those are skill/fitness based categories. If you have other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly at ChicagoCrossCup@gmail.com.

– Check out the ICA’s most recent CX Bikes Supermodel’s post. If you’re interested in contributing and/or have some glamor shots of your bike(s) get in touch with the ICA webmaster. Speaking of photography… if you are taking action shots near any CX course, please stay off the course and do not interfere with any rider. We encourage our spectators to get close to the action, but please remember you are still spectating.

– And finally… it is the CCC’s policy not to reply to messages on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Even though we do have umpa-loompas and mini-me’s running around in our secret evil lair (with liquid hot magma), we still don’t have time to check these sites all day long and respond. If you have criticisms of the series… or better yet suggestion or would like to get involved to make the series better… please contact us directly at ChicagoCrossCup@gmail.com and we’d be happy to listen to whatever you have to say. Now… does anyone want to just race bikes for the fun of it?