– Thanks again to Chris Henning, the Northbrook  Garner Bicycle Club, Flatlandia, and the town of Northbrook for having us back again. Also, a big thanks to everyone who stuck around to watch the sprint finish between Flannel Mike and Rodrigo at the end of the 4B’s race (we hope someone got pix or vids?). These guys might not be as fast as the 1/2/3’s… but they’re just as exciting to watch… some would say even more so after reading their stories in the comments section here. Greg (4B’s) and Petra (Women 4’s) are no less amazing either… they’ve all become our CCC celebrities.

– The Northbrook race and the CCC were also featured in a TribLocal article here.

– A set of keys was found near the Sunset Food wagon at Northbrook. Please email us at ChicagoCrossCup@gmail.com if you’re looking for your keys and we’ll mail them to you.

– Speaking of lost and found… we have a good deal of clothing accumulating in our car trunks that has been left at races. We’ll have it all next to the Results board at Indian Lakes. Please pick up your lost items or contact us offline to coordinate a return of your items.

– Next up… racing on a golf course with the South Chicago Wheelmen at the Hilton Indian Lakes resort. Please remember this race is on SATURDAY… but online pre-reg is still open until midnight on Thursday here. Lots of prizes, schwag, and fun up for grabs. Come back Friday for the usual preview.

– Need a post race pick me up? EAS will be at Indian Lakes and Woodstock to hand out free samples of their recovery drink. You may remember EAS from Carpentersville where they were camped out at the start line for most of the day.

– Concerning the CCC t-shirts we have some good news and we have some bad news. The  good great news is that Joe Kallo’s design is at the printer and the proofs of the shirts look fantastic… we’ve also received a ton of orders and raised a boatload of money for both WBR and the CCC. The bad news is that American Apparel doesn’t have enough fashion sense to have a couple hundred orange t-shirts laying around and apparently the world demands more than even the happy AA elves can produce. Yes, that’s right… you all ordered so many orange shirts that they’re now on backorder until next week. We’ll post updates as we get more info, but as of right now expect all t-shirts (yes, even the other colors) to be delivered at Woodstock.

– You can still order your shirts online here until this coming Sunday (11/15/09) at midnight and they all should be in by Woodstock.

– If you missed it the first time the Race Across The Sky movie about the Leadville 100 will be playing again in theaters on Thursday November 12th.

– One more for you from Northbrook

Photo: Luke Seeman